Monthly Archives: July 2015

Phoenix 10k

What could be more agreeable than a 10k on a muggy July evening? But the evening was made special by some enthusiastic supporters armed with cow bells, and the with barbecue smoke from the beach that fills the lungs as runners race for the finish line.

Striders results:
Simon Fletcher (33rd overall): 36:14
Gareth Hutchinson: 37:04
Phil Robinson: 41:48
Pete Weeks: 45:57
Scott Hitchcock: 47:42
Sue Garner: 50:14
Jackie Webber: 51:54
Chris Le Beau: 54:13
Tom Roper: 1:01:37

All results are gun times.

A new #parkrun

How many #parkruns can this part of Sussex? An infinite number, it seems. If anyone wants a guaranteed course PB, get yourself to Hove Lawns at 9 am on Saturday 11 July for the first running of the Hove Promenade #parkrun. Other parkruns are available, of course: Hove Park, Preston Park and we know some Striders go to Eastbourne.

You can find more on┬áthe British parkrun┬ásite, or if you’re going abroad, check the international site to see if you should pack your running shoes.

Bewl 15: Striders results

This year’s Bewl 15 was something of a mudfest, but those Striders who braved it put in some impressive performances.

These give, in order, place, gun time and chip time:
14 01:37:20 01:37:18 Simon Fletcher
72 01:51:03 01:50:58 Scott Hitchcock
121 01:56:40 01:56:35 Phil Robinson
292 02:12:16 02:11:43 Claire Keith
388 02:23:45 02:23:26 Alan Hards
670 03:19:51 03:19:11 Tom Roper