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Striders double their field at 2018 Heathfield Midsummer 10k

Seaford Striders RC doubled their attendance at this year’s Heathfield Midsummer 10k on June 24 – from a field of 12 runners at the 2017 event to a mighty 24 in 2018.

Runners braved scorching temperatures for the circular route around the quiet country lanes surrounding the villages of Cross in Hand and Waldron. The challenging course forms part of the Sussex Grand Prix circuit and gives little opportunity for personal bests. Instead, Striders are challenged to pace themselves to achieve their best possible time on the hilly but scenic route.

The Heathfield Midsummer 10k is a race of two halves. While the runners’ legs are fresh, there’s a downhill sprint towards Waldron. The real challenge comes in saving enough energy for the corresponding uphill slog, which comes at the end of the race. The final 1k stretch ensures team members give their very last drop.

First over the line for the Striders and 8thoverall from the field of 290 finishers, was Joshua Rudd in 38:54. He was followed by Josh Nisbett in 42:18, Nick Farley in 43:22 and Damian Partridge in 43:41.

Andrew Farley was next in 45:23, followed by Phil Robinson in 47:38. Then it was the turn of the ladies. First lady Strider home was Anna Norman in 49:47, followed by Anneka Redley in 50:41 and Natasha Swan in 51:37. Emily Eaton crossed the line in 54:05, just ahead of Kristiane Sherry in 54:08.

Graham Jones completed his race in 56:35, with Hilary Humphreys the last Strider to complete the undulating course in less than an hour in 58:39.

Michelle Varndell loved the course and completed it in 1:00:48, she was followed by Simon Nixon in 1:01:38 and Emily Farley in 1:04:13.  Next came a group of Striders completing in 1:05 – Simon Homer (1:05:03), Debbie Plant (1:05:30) and training buddies Julie Taylor and Trevor Jones (1:05:44).

Stacey Jones helped pace new Strider Lauren Morgan to complete her first ever race  with both finishing in 1:09:47. The race was concluded for the Striders by Becky Souissi (1:14:40) and Victoria Maleski (1:15:18) well supported by Strider team mates who had finished their race.

Striders top the big 100 for Summer Solstice challenge


Striders set a new team record for turnout at the annual Summer Solstice 5k and 2.5k Runs with 102 seniors and juniors, swapping their usual Wednesday night training for the pacing challenge.

Watches and phones were left at home with each runner predicting their finish time before starting the seafront race. The three runners who ran nearest to their predicted time were  1st Sandra Standen (2 seconds out); 2nd Gareth Hutchinson (4 seconds) and 3rd Josh Nisbett (6 seconds). Full time and finisher results are available here .

After numbers were collected and times predicted by the runners, the race was started by a klaxon blast, courtesy of the race’s start and finish venue Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club. The 102 runners, many in neon Striders tops, brought a wave of colour to the seafront as they ran through the sea mist. They received many shout outs from supporters along the 5k route.

The race was also one of the first events for the Striders’ newly graduated Couch to 5k group, with many group members taking part. Couch to 5k programme co-ordinator Hilary Humphreys said: “Congratulations to everyone who took part in Wednesday’s Summer Solstice 2.5k and 5k runs.  Also, many thanks on behalf of the club to Anneka and her merry band of helpers, without whom we wouldn’t have had a run.  Within the club there is, sadly, always a number who are prevented from running through injury and it was brilliant to see so many of them turning out to help showing true Striders spirit – thank you! There were a number of other Striders who simply elected to come along and encourage the Couch to 5k graduates – again,  a big thank you for your fabulous support!”

Seaford Striders Couch to 5k graduates run their first 5k race at Peacehaven parkrun

Seaford Striders’ latest Couch to 5k (C25k) group celebrated their ‘graduation’ on Saturday (June 16) by running their first parkrun at Peacehaven. The event was the culmination of nine weeks of training, taking the group from walking to a non-stop 5k run.

The 19-strong Couch to 5k group were joined on the parkrun by programme volunteers who helped with pacing, plus other runners from the club. The high turnout resulted in a new club record for participation in a parkrun. With 52 runners taking part, Seaford Striders made up a third of all the runners at Peacehaven parkrun. The sea of coloured t-shirts and mention from the race director at the start meant the group could not be missed.
A total of 48 runners completed the latest Couch to 5k programme. The group will now join Seaford Striders at their regular Wednesday night training sessions. Previous Couch to 5k graduates have progressed to running 10k and half marathons as well as competing in Sussex Grand Prix events to win points for the club. The Striders also welcome runners who don’t compete, but prefer to run with a friendly, sociable group.

Running the full 5k was a real achievement for Kim Rennie, who had tried running before but decided to join Couch to 5k for added motivation. Kim said: “One huge bonus for me is that now I want to run, rather than feel I should run. I feel more positive, focused and have more energy as a direct result of Couch to 5k. Another plus, as I love my food, running helps keep my weight in check!”

Kim was initially unsure whether she would last the duration of the course, but quickly found her fears were unfounded. “I really can’t believe how quickly the nine weeks passed by. I felt a real sense of achievement to be able to run 5k without stopping. I also felt a little sad as there is a real community feel amongst the runners. The experienced Striders were absolutely amazing – they were really encouraging and supportive. They were all so friendly and approachable that it will make it easy to keep going and join in on their Wednesday training days.”

Seaford Striders’ at Peacehaven parkrun (June 16) full results:
Dave Dunstall (19:05), Jeff Young (19:10), Josh Nisbett (19:19), Nick Farley (20:18), Joe Plant (20:48), Andy Farley (20:52), Emily Eaton (22:16), Adam Haverly (23:10), Anneka Redley (24:17), Kristy Sherry (24:20), Aaron Horney (25:08 – C25k), Graham Jones (25:12), Claire Townsend (25:16), Emily Tearle (25:32), Jazz Shiret (26:06), Emma Cooper (26:46), Emily Farley (27:10), Lindsay Tearle (27:13), Richard Honeyman (27:38), John Gillespie (28:48), Chris Wilmot (29:18 – C25k), Simon Nixon (29:18 – pacer), Paul Bowler (30:30 – C25k), Chloe Wilmot (30:50 – C25k), Julie Taylor (31:13), Lewis Woodward (32:39 – junior), Steph Woodward (32:40), Kaycia Jones (32:49 – junior), Stacey Jones (32:50), Ruth McConnochie (33:53), Chris le Beau (34:01), Sandra Standen (35:04), Tara Holmes-Ling (35:37 – C25k), Alice Lennie (35:41 – pacer), Debbie Plant (36:22 – pacer), Kerry Bunn (36:24 – C25k), Graham Little (36:27 – C25k), Denise Colvin (36:28 – C25k), Kim Rennie (36:29 – C25k), Hilary Humphreys (36:29 – pacer), Wendy Woodford (36:32 – C25k), Carol Gillespie (36:32 – C25k), Victoria Maleski (36:33 – pacer), Tom Roper (36:34 – pacer), Nicky Patching (37:15 – C25k), Sharon Plank (37:16 – C25k), Mary Murphy (37:38 – C25k), Michelle Varndell (37:40 – pacer), Fawzia Whittuck (39:19 – C25k), Alex Morris (40:39 – C25k), Rachel Lofthouse (41:08 – C25k), Claire Sayers (42:25 – C25k), Sue Wallis (42:26 – C25k).

Striders boost charity coffers at runs across West Sussex

A 24-strong team from Seaford Striders took part in the Worthing 10k on Sunday (June 3) amid sweltering temperatures.

They joined more than 2,000 people taking part in the fundraising event, now in its 28th year. The money raised will be shared between St Barnabas House, Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, Care for Veterans and animal charity Wadars.

The fast and flat course starts and finishes in Marine Parade and, despite the heat, there was still the opportunity for achieving target times and personal bests (PBs).

First for the Striders and 19th overall was Timothy Dymott – his training plan paying off with a time of 36:16. He was followed by Joshua Rudd in 37:14. Dave Dunstall was fourth placed overall in the M50 category, finishing in 39:02.

Next came Jeff Young (40:05), and Joe Plant, who completed the race in 40:09 – seven minutes faster than his 2017 time. Ben Barnett followed in 44:09 and Phil Robinson in 44:23.

First for the ladies was Anneka Redley, shaving just over a minute off her 2017 time to complete her race in 47:58. Alex Hughes was very happy to break 50 minutes in 49:14. The ever-improving Jazz Shiret was second home for the ladies, achieving a PB time of 53:50. She was closely followed by Simon Nixon in 53:51.

Steph Woodward ran her race in 56:31 with Bianca Buss in 57:19 and Stacey Jones finishing in 58:08. Emma Cooper finished in 58:00 ahead of Michelle Varndell in 1:01:11, Debbie Plant in 1:02:05 and Michael Pickering in 1:03:06.

Ruth Mcconnochie finished in 1:10:28 with Hilary Humphreys and Lisa John crossing the finish line together in 01:11:51, closely followed by Rob Plant in 01:11:58 with Sandra Standen completing the race for the Striders in 01:12:34.

Striders also took part in the first ever Focus 10k – raising money for the Chailey Heritage Foundation, which took place at Borde Hill Garden near Haywards Heath. Two of the club’s current cohort of Couch to 5k participants decided to double their distance for the hot and hilly race – Sue and Chris Pellatt, finished in 1:16:32 and 1:16:31. Victoria Maleski completed the race in 1:21:21. Strider volunteers marshalling the race included Alice Lennie, Verity Skinner and Lance Maleski.