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Josh storms to first place at rain-lashed South Coast Run 10k

Josh Rudd made sure the South Coast Run 10k trophy stayed within the town, finishing the race in first place.

This year’s race, on July 29, was part of the South Coast Triathlon and Half Marathon, 10k and 5k and took place under storm-lashed conditions. The 10k route is a flat, out-and-back two lap race of Seaford Esplanade. Under kinder weather conditions, it can offer up potential to achieve a personal best.

For the 2018 race, runners battled a strong headwind from the turn point at Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club right back up to the Martello Tower.

Josh brushed off heavy rain to finish the 10k race in 38:30. He was joined by Kristiane Sherry, finishing in 49:19 to achieve 9th place in the ladies race. New Strider Lauren Morgan beat her first 10k time by more than a minute to finish in 1:08:28.

In the 5k, Katherine Elton achieved 4th place in the ladies race, finishing in 26:46.

Though the conditions were atrocious, the team gained welcome support from non-running Striders, smiling through the elements to clap, cheer and even ‘run in’ their team-mates for the final stages of their race.

* As of August 1, the race organisers have only published provisional timing results.

Picture: Josh in the dry with his trophy (with a little help from Orla!)


Striders top the big 100 for Summer Solstice challenge


Striders set a new team record for turnout at the annual Summer Solstice 5k and 2.5k Runs with 102 seniors and juniors, swapping their usual Wednesday night training for the pacing challenge.

Watches and phones were left at home with each runner predicting their finish time before starting the seafront race. The three runners who ran nearest to their predicted time were  1st Sandra Standen (2 seconds out); 2nd Gareth Hutchinson (4 seconds) and 3rd Josh Nisbett (6 seconds). Full time and finisher results are available here .

After numbers were collected and times predicted by the runners, the race was started by a klaxon blast, courtesy of the race’s start and finish venue Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club. The 102 runners, many in neon Striders tops, brought a wave of colour to the seafront as they ran through the sea mist. They received many shout outs from supporters along the 5k route.

The race was also one of the first events for the Striders’ newly graduated Couch to 5k group, with many group members taking part. Couch to 5k programme co-ordinator Hilary Humphreys said: “Congratulations to everyone who took part in Wednesday’s Summer Solstice 2.5k and 5k runs.  Also, many thanks on behalf of the club to Anneka and her merry band of helpers, without whom we wouldn’t have had a run.  Within the club there is, sadly, always a number who are prevented from running through injury and it was brilliant to see so many of them turning out to help showing true Striders spirit – thank you! There were a number of other Striders who simply elected to come along and encourage the Couch to 5k graduates – again,  a big thank you for your fabulous support!”

42: The answer to life?

By Matthew Franks

According to The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. For me, 42 will be the age that I decided that the way I led my life was to change for the better.  This happened with the help of a well-timed social media mail shot, an established NHS health programme and an immensely supportive and generous group of runners, giving up their time to encourage and advise over 9 weeks, to the goal of running non-stop for 3.1 miles.

For over a decade I hadn’t really exercised at all. At work I sat in front of a PC all day, the middle age spread had fully set in, leaving ever decreasing options in my wardrobe. But it was the day down The Salts when my 10-year-old daughter and her best friend invited me to play a game of “manhunt” that made me realise how unfit I really was. I was unable to get anywhere near them, saved only by a turn in the weather and a plea to stop.

It just so happened a few weeks later my wife alerted me to a social media advert that Seaford Striders, under the leadership of Tom Roper, was starting a couch to 5k group. It was with more than a little trepidation that I turned up at the leisure centre on 22 March to start my journey.

I look back on those 9 weeks now with more than a little pride (and over a stone lighter), remembering the early runs spent desperately looking at my phone, yearning for the next period of walking, cursing the ill-advised quickening of pace as another runner passed in the opposite direction, just to banish the feeling of inadequacy and not buying a pair of running shoes until my calf muscles seized up a few weeks in. The decision to deliberately choose a running route that started with a long gentle incline always stood me in good stead to increase the distance each Wednesday. After week 7, I had managed to extend my usual route to the full 5k distance, a real personal high.

It was therefore with great confidence a little over a week later that lining up with my fellow couch to 5K graduates, at Preston Park Parkrun, I established my first personal best.  The commencement of our own local Parkrun at Peacehaven gave me opportunity to further my ambition to get quicker that motivates me now to get out running. Setting a new PB is a truly great feeling, something I have now managed to achieve on 5 of the 6 occasions I’ve participated in timed 5ks to a point that I am almost 5 minutes quicker than that very first marker, but in truth as long as I have given everything it’s an incredibly fulfilling experience.

During those latter runs I’ve surprisingly started to overtake some of the more experienced Striders and what typifies the club and the people is the genuine words of encouragement from all of those I’ve passed, to push on and achieve a good personal time. Sport wouldn’t be the same without a rival to get the best out of yourself (where would Cram be without Coe?) therefore I must thank one Strider, in particular, Simon Nixon, for not only mentoring and leading our Wednesday runs but also for giving me extra motivation to improve.

In recent weeks, pushing myself by joining in track nights and the Monday get-together that varies the distance and speed of runs, has not only shown me that Cuckmere Haven is not as far as I think but contributed greatly to new PBs and my first 10K finish in just over 50 minutes.

The most special thing about taking up running is that it’s an activity that has rubbed off on my two daughters, who are now regulars at Peacehaven junior Parkrun, and Madeleine, my eldest, has recently become a Junior Strider herself.  She may have escaped me back in March but I’m pretty confident that if she and her friend invite me to play manhunt again I won’t be chasing shadows anymore!

As I now reflect on how far I’ve come in such a short space of time and think about what I’d like to achieve in the future, I’ve decided that 42 might not be a bad place to start, 42 minutes for the 10k that is. I may never achieve it but one thing’s for certain, I can count on the support and encouragement from the inspirational people who make up Seaford Striders running club.  If you are interested in joining then I know you will be most welcome.

Summer Solstice Run 2017: Results

It was one of the hottest days of the year – and the Striders were out in force to mark the Summer Solstice with the annual 5k dash along the seafront.

Everyone was welcome to join the race, with the juniors tackling a 2.5k course while the seniors took on the full 5k out-and-back route.

The temperature might have taken the edge off the times, but the sunshine brought out the smiles – and it was a wonderful evening topped off with a dip in the sea followed by a drink at the Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club afterwards.

Check out the results below, and don’t forget to click on the Seaford Striders Flikr page for all the photos.

Club Grand Prix 2017 – Standings after eight races

Eight races in to the Seaford Striders Club Grand Prix and the race is on!

On Saturday 10 June the Striders took on the Peacehaven Parkrun again, the eighth date in the Club Grand Prix diary.

Despite the heat on a gloriously sunny day, some excellent times were posted – congrats go especially to Hilary, who posted a PB time to lead the age grading ranks by quite a margin!

Her speedy result means that she has caught Emily Eaton in the women’s league, with the pair tied on exactly 100 points.

For the men the field is a little more stretched out, with Ben Shorer out in front on 115 points, leading Ed Tuckley in second on 94 points.

It’s fantastic to see the league tables grow as the Couch to 5k ‘graduates’ join the field!

Want to take part in the Club Grand Prix but not yet run a race? There’s still time! Points count from a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 races, with seven still to come.

The next event is the Peacehaven Parkrun on Saturday 1 July. Come and race, and get some points! Just don’t forget that vital barcode and to register in advance if you haven’t already.


Peacehaven Parkrun results 10 June:

Joshua Nisbett 19:57
James Smith 20:30
Edward Tuckley 20:46
Ben Shorer 22:23
Joe Plant 23:27
Simon Nixon 24:24
Matt Franks 24:43
Kristiane Sherry 25:07
Hilary Humphreys 25:11
Richard Honeyman 27:02
Emma Goodwin 28:52
Tom Roper 30:29
Simon Homer 30:38
Victoria Maleski 35:48
Sandra Standen 35:54
Robert PLANT 37:06

‘An unlikely runner’ – Victoria’s Couch to 5k journey

By Victoria Maleski

Victoria enjoying the new Peacehaven Parkrun

I am not your typical runner. I guess it stemmed from comments from PE teachers and fellow pupils at school, as I was usually the last person to be picked into teams for sports… but I am fairly determined and enjoy challenging myself.

I took early retirement a couple of years back and moved back to Seaford at around the same time. I have enjoyed the new-found freedom and have used the opportunity to see what I can accomplish.

I was tempted by the random Seaford Striders Facebook advert about the c25k programme, but didn’t really make up my mind to take part until the actual day. I’m overweight, in my mid 50’s, had regularly walked our dogs, but committing to learning to run would be a massive step for me.

Any fears I had about the experienced runners looking down on us quickly disappeared – I have found everyone at Seaford Striders to be so friendly and encouraging. This has made such a big difference to my running confidence. I keep saying to myself that the only person I am running against is myself.

The first session was personally challenging, but I kept to the c25k programme, doing two sessions by myself in between the Wednesday evening Striders session. I can now look back at what all of us on the c25k programme have achieved. We may all run at different speeds and have different ambitions, but I am sure we all can feel really proud of the progress we have made. None of this would have been possible without all the Striders who have given up their running time to help us in that process. I am touched by their kindness and encouragement.

I am writing this after completing my third 5k Parkrun in 3 weeks. I still can’t believe I have managed to do this and to be enjoying it so much (well, once I finish each Parkrun!). It is tough, but there is a massive sense of achievement.

So, it is a big thank you from me to Seaford Striders and I am sure also from the other c25k “graduates”.

Thank you to Victoria for sharing her Couch to 5k journey!

Striders celebrate Peacehaven Parkrun

By Hilary Humphreys

Striders at the first-ever Peacehaven Parkrun

Saturday 20 May was the inaugural Peacehaven Parkrun in Centenary Park, Peacehaven, and Seaford Striders were out in force to celebrate having a Parkrun so close to home.

After early morning rain the weather was ideal for running, with just a slight nip in the air to keep the runners from overheating. The undulating course is run on a mixture of wide pea shingle path and grass, a three-lap route starting just east of the café, with the first lap being slightly longer than the final two.

Jason Harrold (Crawley Saints and Sinners) was first to finish in a cracking time of 18:09 and the first female across the line was Seaford Strider Emily Eaton in a fabulous time of 22:00.

You could almost have thrown a blanket over the first four Striders, who finished in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th position overall. First of them was Joel Eaton, pushing son Caleb in a  buggy, finishing in a superb time of 20:18. He was followed by Josh Nisbett who was first in his age group in 20:32. Hard on his heels was Ed Tuckley in 20:40 and Jacob Miles in 20:42.

Next to cross the line for the Striders was Dave Freeman in 21:49 and Ben Shorer in 23:06 both maybe wishing the night before hadn’t been such a long one! The youngest Strider on the course was Joe Plant and he crossed the line next in 24:11, giving him a very well deserved first slot in his age group. Simon Nixon was next to finish in 24:53, just seconds ahead of second female Strider home, Kristiane Sherry who was also first in her age group in 24:57.

Richard Honeyman finished in a reputable 26:54, just ahead of Peter Weeks 27:41 and Emma Goodwin in 29:04. Then it was the turn of the newly graduated ‘couch to 5k’ members with Debbie Plant nursing an injury but still managing a very respectable 36:13; Victoria Maleski in 37:24; Sandra Standen in 37:29 and Tina Butterworth in 40:28, all matching their last week’s scores at Preston Park – an excellent result given that this was a hillier course, so overall times were down.

A mention must also be given to Striders who, once their own race was finished looped back to run with and encourage their newer team members, or waited at the finish line to cheer them home – once again demonstrating excellent sporting camaraderie from a running club noted for their friendliness.

Thanks also from Seaford Striders to the organisers, marshals and runners at Peacehaven Parkrun for making us all so very welcome – very much appreciated!

Summer Solstice 5k run – Come and join in!

By Hilary Humphreys

The 2017 Summer Solstice 5K run will start at 7pm and then finish at Seaford & Newhaven Sailing Club, Seaford. This is a great opportunity for our Couch to 5K group to join in with the whole club – it doesn’t matter how fast you are, just that you take part!

There will be a shorter course of approx. 2.5K so younger juniors and parents can join in too.

The Sailing Club will be open at the finish for the purchase of drinks and snacks – with Tom on hand to sign you in. They also offer a hot meal but would like to have bookings so they know how much food to prepare. If anyone’s interested, please contact the galley: 07534 128200 or email at:

See you on 21 June – the more the merrier!

Sunny Saturday at Eastbourne Parkrun

By Ben Shorer

On a lovely sunny Saturday morning, I took the journey from Newhaven to run the Eastbourne Parkrun 5k. I’ve done the 5k in the past, but that was way back in 2013 so I didn’t know if the route would be the same, but luckily it was!

The last time I ran the Parkrun 5k in Eastbourne there were about 60-70 people attending, and today there were 299, so it was a great turn out! Apparently, the first Saturday of every month they have race-pacers, which was great, as I had no idea what my run time was going to be. I tried to follow the sub 21 and see what happened and so I pushed myself to the front with the mega-fast group just for a laugh and off we went. I went out at a 6-minute mile pace, which I’ve never run at before, so I knew I had to slow down so I didn’t burn out too early!

About halfway round Emily went past me and off into the distance. I still had a bit of juice left in the tank for the last half a mile or so, so I upped my pace and attempted a sprint finish. Running with Seaford Striders has clearly improved my fitness, as I broke my Parkrun PB by about two minutes!
Edward came in a highly impressive 5th of 299 runners. 84 of these scored a PB, inspired by the volunteer pacers on duty.

Ed Tuckley, 19:00 course PB
Emily Eaton 21:14 PB
Ben Shorer 21:45 PB
Hilary Humphreys 25:38 PB
Tom Roper 27:02 PB

Image courtesy of Tony Humphreys