Four mile time trial

Leisure Centre to Upper Belgrade Road.

From the Leisure Centre cross to Sutton Corner, run south to bottom of Arundel Rd, then turn left and head along Chyngton Rd and into Chyngton Way. Towards end of Chyngton Way turn left into Lindfleld Ave, following road round to left before turning right into Kingston Way.  At end of this road turn left, then follow round into Kingston Ave and Kingston Gardens before emerging on main Eastbourne Road.  Head east for 100m then turn left Into Chyngton Gardens and first right Into Walmer Rd.  Follow Walmer to top, then down Hillside Ave to Alfrlston Rd. Turn left and run along to Cemetery, turning right at Cradle Hill Road. Take next left, Valley Drive and then next right, Barn Rise.  Follow this to the top and round Into Lexden Drive.  At junction with Lexden Rd turn right and then left into The Ridings.  Follow to the end. turn left and run to bottom of North Way.  Turn right Into Upper Belgrave Rd and continue to second to last lamppost on the left, opposite St Peter’s Road.  This marks the end of the 4 mile run. Return to Leisure Centre by route of your choice !