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Club Safeguarding Policy

Club Safeguarding Policy

Roles and responsibilities

All Committee Members, Coaches, Run Leaders, volunteers and members of the Club have a responsibility to uphold the welfare policies and procedures, to adhere to good practice
and to respond to any suspected breaches.

Statement of good practice
The Club will adhere to the accepted ethical framework for best practice outlined by England Athletics (EA) and UK Athletics (UKA) in relation to Safeguarding and protecting children in
athletics and Safeguarding adults in athletics.

Members will abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Any Club member, carer or member of the public that is concerned these standards are not maintained, or about poor practice or possible abuse should report this immediately to the Club Welfare Officer(s)

Recruitment, selection and training
In line with EA guidance, the following Club roles will all require a valid DBS certificate to be maintained:

  • Coaches
  • Run Leaders
  • Welfare Officer

The Club’s Welfare Officers will be responsible for maintaining a register of all Club roles and personnel with DBS clearance.

Induction – All Club members, Coaches, Run Leaders, Committee Members, and Volunteers will be provided with this safeguarding policy and Club Code of Conduct as part of their induction, to ensure they are aware of their roles and responsibilities with respect to safeguarding.

Training – All Coaches, Run Leaders and Welfare Officers will complete online safeguarding awareness training. It will be expected they complete the relevant training within 3 months of taking up their role, and undertake refresher training every 3 years or as when required by EA/UKA. Any costs incurred will be refunded by the Club on proof of expenditure.

Responding to Disclosure, Suspicions and Allegation
All Club members, Coaches, Run Leaders, volunteers, Committee Members and members of the public have a responsibility to report any concerns about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, using the flowcharts as set out in the UKA Safeguarding Children Policy found at this link.


Any concerns should be reported immediately to the Club’s designated Welfare Officer(s).

If you have any immediate concerns about children or adults, or if the Club’s Welfare Officers are not available, please follow up the appropriate guidance provided by Lewes & Eastbourne Safeguarding Reporting found at this link.

These concerns should also be reported to one of the Club’s Welfare Officers as soon as possible, and at least within 24 hours.

The Club’s Welfare Officers are available to talk through any safeguarding concerns or questions you have.

Breaches of this Policy
If any member feels there have been breaches in the codes of conduct or this safeguarding policy, they should discuss these with one of the Club’s Welfare Officers. If the matter is not resolved they can raise concerns with UKA for investigation as outlined in the EA Whistleblowing Flowchart found at this link.

Club Welfare Officers
The Welfare Officers Role is to advise and support the Club officers and Committee to implement welfare policies and procedures; to respond to any concerns regarding safeguarding and to ensure that all Coaches/Run Leaders /Officials/Volunteers have completed the relevant DBS and Safeguarding training as required, in accordance with the Club Welfare Officer’s roles and responsibilities.

Your Welfare Officers are:
Darren Evans


Created: 13 Sep 2022

Review Due: Sep 2024