Autumn Equinox Run

A Seaford Striders organised 5K fun Autumn Equinox race along Seaford Seafront. 


Seaford Striders are again organizing a fun Autumn club race following the success of previous similar races. It is a great opportunity for membership to meet fellow Striders who they may not see on the normal Wednesday Night Striders. If you don’t want to run, then maybe you can help with the running of it. The race will be run like a parkrun, reliant on membership to scan their position tokens and barcodes after they finish the race.

This event is now part of the Club Grand Prix, so we hope to expect a bumper turnout.

This event will be needing the support of membership volunteers to help with marshalling, timing and barcode canning, if you would like to help out then please put your name forward when the race notification is sent out.


It will take place on Wednesday 21 September 2022 with a prompt 6:45 pm start.  Both races will start at the same time, with the juniors slightly separated to one side.


As usual, it will take place over the 5k Seaford Beach Parkrun course, both races are a straight out and back race. The Start and Finish point are both the same, just before the Sailing Club.  There will be marshals at both the turnaround points and course bottlenecks.  All will be asked to keep left, the adults race will need to negotiate the  Martello tower keeping to its left (as you are running) to prevent collisions or injury and give way to other promenade users.

How to enter?

An email will be sent out at least 4 weeks before from the Club Secretary to ask membership to enter.  You will just need to provide your full name, the event you are entering (5k or Junior 2.5k) and your parkrun barcode number.  This year we are basing the race on the parkrun system to do away with the need and fuss of issuing bib race numbers.   Don’t worry if you do not have a parkrun barcode, these can be got from parkrun for free and either presented when you finish your race as hard copy (paper print/parkrun wristband or tag) or as an image held on your phone for scanning.  The link to get registered for a parkrun barcode is here.   If membership do not want to register with parkrun then a club barcode can be issued for storing on your phone and scanning when you finish.  Further details will be provided on the race notification email.

The course 

Why Join a Running Club?

There are many benefits to joining a running club here just a few reasons:

Meet like-minded people

Make lots of friends with people you already have running in common with and you can talk with people who understand your running interest/obsession! (blistered feet and all!)

Improve your running

You will always find someone who can run a little faster than you to be able to chase after. Organised sessions with interval training are designed to push you a little bit each week.

Support & Motivation

You will not only have your own personal bunch of cheerleaders but those days when you lack motivation become alot easier when there are others going out and getting it done and encouraging you. Just knowing other people will be there can make all the difference in lacing up your shoes and getting out that door!

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.