London Marathon

A globally popular annual marathon event, The London Marathon typically held in April each year, is a largely flat course and is a fought after event amongst our Striders.

Seaford Striders are allocated one place. We allocate this place be means of a draw of potential runners.

The London Marathon Club Place Draw

We wish we could offer more places for this popular event however we are able to offer one place to one lucky Seaford Striders club member.

The criteria for entry into the London Marathon club place draw are:

  • Seaford Striders RC must be your first claim club.
  • You must be a PAID-UP member of Seaford Striders as of 30th April the previous year (e.g. 30th April 2020 for the 2021 Marathon). This includes new and returning members.
  • You must have applied for direct entry to the marathon and have received a rejection slip, by e-mail and/or post.
  • If you subsequently get your own place after the draw you MUST give the club place back to the club.
  • If you are sick or injured and cannot take part you may either give the place back to the club or defer it to the following year, following the London Marathon’s procedure for this.

If you would like to apply for entry in the draw please fill in the entry form available here.

You can also apply for a standard entry place for the London Marathon over on the London Marathon Official website.

Why Join a Running Club?

There are many benefits to joining a running club here just a few reasons:

Meet like-minded people

Make lots of friends with people you already have running in common with and you can talk with people who understand your running interest/obsession! (blistered feet and all!)

Improve your running

You will always find someone who can run a little faster than you to be able to chase after. Organised sessions with interval training are designed to push you a little bit each week.

Support & Motivation

You will not only have your own personal bunch of cheerleaders but those days when you lack motivation become alot easier when there are others going out and getting it done and encouraging you. Just knowing other people will be there can make all the difference in lacing up your shoes and getting out that door!

"The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life."