Sussex Grand Prix

Sussex Road Racing Grand Prix involves most of the running clubs in Sussex. 

The Sussex Road Racing grand prix

The Sussex Grand Prix consists or taking part in road races organised around Sussex throughout the year, with points awarded based on each individual’s finishing position.

How does it work?

There are eighteen organised road races throughout the year all around Sussex, with a points based system for individual positioning.

A runner’s best 6 races are used to determine their final position.

There is an extensive prize list, with trophies awarded at the end of the year based on gender and age category. There is also a team competition in which every club members finishing position can have an effect on the final outcome.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the rules visit the Sussex Grand Prix Rules Page

For a full list of race dates and (where available) entry forms and results, click here

For the current Sussex Grand Prix  results please click here

Why Join a Running Club?

There are many benefits to joining a running club here just a few reasons:

Meet like-minded people

Make lots of friends with people you already have running in common with and you can talk with people who understand your running interest/obsession! (blistered feet and all!)

Improve your running

You will always find someone who can run a little faster than you to be able to chase after. Organised sessions with interval training are designed to push you a little bit each week.

Support & Motivation

You will not only have your own personal bunch of cheerleaders but those days when you lack motivation become alot easier when there are others going out and getting it done and encouraging you. Just knowing other people will be there can make all the difference in lacing up your shoes and getting out that door!

It’s not about being the best.

It’s about being better than you were yesterday.