Seaford Striders Club Grand Prix

The Club Grand Prix is open to anyone who is a fully paid up member of the Seaford Striders For the latest information and updates about the SSCGP click here.

club grand prix

The internal Club Grand Prix does include a number of Sussex Grand Prix events but also covers a variety of local runs, including Park runs and cross country.

There are 16 races to choose from and participants need to complete a minimum of six races to qualify. Points will be awarded for up to 10 races. There are no conditions relating to distance .

See the full Club Grand Prix rules below for more details.

How does it work?

The Club Grand Prix is open to anyone who is a fully paid up member of the Seaford Striders.

The method of scoring is as follows:

  • Men and women are scored separately.
  • The leading Strider in each case will be awarded 20 points, with 19 points for second, 18 for third and so on down to the last Strider to finish.
  • A minimum of 6 races has to be completed to achieve a valid final score. Points will be awarded to each runner for up to 10 races maximum.
  • Any runner exceeding 10 races will have their best ten results counted.
  • In the event of a tie, the winning score will be based on the best average score achieved.

For the 2021 results to date click here

Prior to this scoring,  the Club Grand Prix points were taken from the Sussex Grand Prix Races – for historical results click here





1 13th March Pett XC Position
2 27th March Martello Half Marathon Position
3 9th April Seaford Parkrun Age grading
4 23rd April Bevendean parkrun Age grading
5 1st May Haywards Heath 10  Position
6 22nd May Horsham 10k Position
7 11th June Peacehaven parkrun Age grading
8 22nd June Summer Solstice Position
9 3rd July Bewl 15 Position
10 13th July Phoenix 10k Position
11 30th July Hastings parkrun Age grading
12 13th Aug East Brighton parkrun Age grading
13 TBC Sept Hellingly 10k Position
14 21st Sept Autumn Equinox Position
15 8th Oct Uckfield parkrun Age grading
16 16th Oct Great South Run Position
17 22nd Oct Beachy Head Marathon Position
18 12th November Eastbourne parkrun Age grading
19 TBC Nov Crowborough 10k Position
20 TBC Dec Mince Pie 10 Virtual Position

Latest Club Grand Prix Information


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Meet like-minded people

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Improve your running

You will always find someone who can run a little faster than you to be able to chase after. Organised sessions with interval training are designed to push you a little bit each week.

Support & Motivation

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